I believe everyone can do telekinesis. It is just a matter of understanding reality, knowing you tools, and acquiring sufficient energy to make it all work. For best results, please review steps 1,2, and 3 and then watch these videos.


Lessons 1 through 3 are intended to give beginners enough information and practicle means of applications to acheiv their first success. The lessons to follow will be more advanced and will also focus on the energitic and spiritual aspects of performing other forms of Psychokinesis sas well.  




Telekinesis Lesson One for Beginners Grab yourself some aluminum foil and a feather or two and prepare to learn my secret method of acquiring empathy the easy way using a method I call “balancing and bonding”.  Learning to acquire true empathy with your target is quite possibly the single most important step in learning telekinesis.

Telekinesis Lesson Three: How to Push, Pull and Turn In this lesson I reveal my methods of attaching breath to a target and how to use airborne energy to push, pull and turn objects with ease and precision. Air is energy and learning how to harvest, direct and project your energy via air is a huge part of performing telekinesis.

Telekinesis Lesson Two: Diet, Detox and Meditation This is all about what foods boost my telekinesis skills and which ones rob me of my energy. Also includes some simple detoxification methods and meditation advice as well. A clean body + calm mind + ample energy = Telekinesis. A simple lesson perhaps, but worthy of a watch indeed.


Aerokinesis, Atmokinesis, Biokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis

Telekinesis Lesson Four: How to Tip and Roll  In this lesson we will be focusing on our inner balance as we learn to tip and roll our targets.  This tutorial features some simple exercises that anyone can do as well as some more advanced TK techniques such as using magnetism to initiate a move, how to do a chi blast, the use of a wand and my new technique I call "body language




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