Hydrokinesis is the psychic ability to control and manipulate the structure and movement of water. When a skilled practitioner expands his or her mind and soul and becomes one with water there are a multitude of possible application.


Hydrokinesis can be used for the blessing, purification and temperature control of liquids, creating or dispersing clouds, stopping or summoning rain, and since the human body is made of mostly water it can be used for healing and much more.





This is a quick and simple little Hydrokinesis demonstration of me moving a ball floating on water, concealed inside an airtight container. I'm using ordinary tap water and a hollow plastic ball. Recorded in July of 2014 athis video includes a control demonstration as well as a brief instructional commentary.

Demonstration of Hydrokinesis by an energy master. Matthew Michaud of Avatar Energy Mastery Institute performs and explains Hydrokinesis also known as water bending.


Aerokinesis, Atmokinesis, Biokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis

This is one of Michael Monks Hydrokinesis demonstrations. By using physical contact with water one can use a number of methods to influence it. For example you can connect via your pulse, breath, soul/mind expansion, telekinetically or by using you inner electric and magnetic energy.  

I had a few video requests from You Tube to do something different to demonstrate Hydrokinesis. One guy suggested I move some ice around in water. Nothing more hydro than ice on water I guess, unless we can get some steam rollin’ in there somehow. Thanks for watching.


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This is a quick little outdoor Hydrokinesis demonstration featuring me creating ripples on a still pond. I use a similar approach as used for Aerokinesis, and simply merge with the area and water via empathy. If you can find a small body of water on a day that is not windy, give this a shot sometime and see for yourself.