Greetings. My name is Robert, a.k.a. Trebor. I’m a practitioner and freelance teacher of Psychokinesis. I created this web site and to help people learn the truth about TK.

If you want to learn telekinesis you certainly came to the right place. Everything I teach and demonstrate here is 100% real, easy to learn and totally free!

Play the compilation video and then check out my simple 1-2-3 method for learning “Psychokinesis” including: Aerokinesis, Atmokinesis, Biokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis and more!




You may have already visited some other TK sites and seen and heard the usual telekinesis jibber-jabber about using extreme mental focus and how faith is the key to success and so on. These are only half-truths and if you have spent any length of time employing these methods you probably noticed that by now. I am going to give you the rest of the puzzle and many of you will be doing telekinesis effortlessly in a matter of days or weeks.


I discovered my telekinetic abilities in March of 2011 and would practice obsessively for several days in a row every few weeks or so. I eventually hit a peak where my abilities leveled off.  My inner guidance led me to Michael Monk at and my talents started improving shortly after starting their Awakening course.


After a few weeks of doing the Avatar energy lessons, I went from spinning a little chi spinner and pushing over a piece of foil, to moving rocks and performing pyrokinesis and real air-bending! The online class is very simple to understand and doing the lessons equals getting the results, period. I also think just being an active AEMI member somehow amplifies the benefits of doing the daily energy work outs.   


*Update: I recently discovered an amazing TK enhancing substance. It is half matter and half spirit and it can heal the body, clear the mind and boost psychic powers. It is called Ormus, aka ORMES, monoatomic gold, liquid chi and many other names. We can learn TK without taking Ormus, but if you’re looking for the fast track to success you might want to click out and consider trying some Ormus. I thank you for visiting and sincerely wish you the best in all your telekinetic endeavors. Namaste







"Magic's just science we don't understand yet."


~ Arthur C. Clarke















Step One

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Aerokinesis, Atmokinesis, Biokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis

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