Here are some quotes from my You Tube channel. On average I receive a dozen or so emails and comments per day. Of course I hear my share of the “F” word (i.e. Fake), but more and more people are converting from curious viewers to aspiring practitioners every day. I hope these comments will give you that little extra confidence and inspiration we all need to kick-start our telekinetic endeavors.


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“I posted a video on my channel of me using your knowledge to move foil. :) thanks again my whole world has opened up you have no idea, we'll maybe ya do haha” ~Moni Martinez



“I'm so thankful, that i found this video. I started with TK couple weeks ago, but with negative results. I always felt like i'm totally different than others, like no one can understand me. I just wanted to be different. I tried your tutorial, step by step, i'm more relaxed and it works! It's just amazing ability. Now i believe that everyone can do that! Please keep posting! NAMASTE.” ~George Nyvlt



“OMG! All the time i believed that this is fake! and now i try it out and yeah i just moved my first thing :)) Thank you very much mate :)” ~Rolandas Vyniautas



“I thought it was the Best Telekinesis Tutorial For Beginners, you sure did inspire me and sure bet the others thank you Trebor Seven, Namaste & Peace on your training :D” ~Edward Rosa



“You are awesome! My mum and I are very spiritual people and take it serious. I want to be much more in tuned with my abilities. I have done so much research about spirituality. I'm a telepathic, medium and psychic who wants to become more spiritually strong. I am spiritually connected to certain people and we feel each others energies, have visions and hear each other. We beings are all spiritual, a lot of people tune into it and others don't. I think it's amazing! I've had very awesome experiences. I'm learning everyday from Trebor, and all credit goes to him! Light and love to you!” ~Antoinette Piastrino



“it moved and scared the crap outa me hahahahahahha i wasn't using my hands and it just plopped to the side, this vidoe was really helpful thanks” ~Kiernan Dennis-Foley



“Good job on the video Trebor! I was actually meaning on contacting you, so maybe we could chat on skype, but now that you did this awesome video, I see how I can learn from you without chatting much... more practice :) Thank you so much! You are a great teacher already!” ~Jacobson



“This is the best TK tutorial. Thanks a lot.” ~Anas Chebbare



“This is the best video tutorial on telekinesis I have ever seen! Too bad you didn't upload this about one year and a half ago because I had to teach myself. At the time I began my experimentation all the info I could find was complete bullxxxx! I developed some of my own techniques which are a bit different from yours but the basic principle of FEEL is the same. I was actually planning on making a TK training vid myself but it looks like you got it covered. My biggest break through so far is rolling a full 13oz can of Reddi Whip across my kitchen counter from several feat away without hands. I was skeptical of Avatar Energy because they charged money looks like I may have to reconsider.” ~Master Woo



“Love the way you teach this - practical, simple, fun yet profound. Thanks Trebor!” ~Peta Morton



“Trebor your tutorials are fantastic! Dude I was able to move my lil psi wheel in less than 3 days with no hands and using what you call "empathy" I held my breath in to make sure I wasn't moving it.” ~dbstman R



“Thank you for inspiring and teaching us. Keep making videos!” ~ProbablyObvious



“You have such a brilliant way with energy! your videos are amazing sir!!!!!! i want to thank you for giving me more confidence to use TK/AK and helping me understand the way energy works :)” ~ Jordan Boyce



“I believe that there is more to life than physical matter and I'm trying to unlock more areas of my brain. Your videos really help man, your a great teacher. :)” ~JackWgn



“I don't think you realize Robert, but you're honestly one of the most believable Telekinesis practitioners on YouTube.” ~ExtremeEncounter



“Apparently I have lots of energy, but TERRRRRIBLE control. Did the dollar thing, budged it a bit when I was trying. Took a quick break, literally seconds after putting it in the back of my mind, I turn to see the damn thing do three complete rotations. I'm just like "WTF?  PS Dude, you're among the best I've seen on YouTube.” ~Tsukune Aono



“This just helped me like crazy.....I going to make a video now.” ~EL3VISION



“Thanks, i was worried that something was going on. Thanks your lessons really helped. I tried before with telekinesis before and it didnt go so well. Your lessons helped a lot. Thanks again.” ~Colby Ponzo



“I just want to thank you for your videos. If it weren't for you I would have never discovered any of these possibilities. Before you, I would completely roll my eyes at this stuff.. I'm only on my second day and can control the direction. Thank you thank you thank you very much for your videos. You helped me open my spirituality again. I'm so grateful.” ~prittykitty


“Thanks a lot Trebor. I learn a lot from you.” ~24bigbuster