Pyro meaning fire and kinesis meaning movement is but one facet of this very useful ability. Sometimes referred to as heat or fire magic, Pyrokinesis practitioners can do a number of things from raising/lowering body and room temperature to starting and extinguishing fire.


Pyrokinesis may result in some side effects such as over heating or cooling, or in more extreme cases, accidentally starting fires or causing internal combustion. The use of a candle is an easy and safe way to demonstrate Pyrokinesis.






This is a Pyrokinesis demonstration of me extinguishing a flame using box matches.  I have included some tips and suggestions for my fellow practitioners and aspiring PK students.  As described in the video, I imagine an orb around the flame and then I telekinetically squeeze the orb untill the flame is extinguished. Hope you enjoy the video!


This clip features flame: bending, strobing, suppression and swirling with a"how-to" style commentary. I am still in the learning stage myself so you can expect to see more pyro demos in the future. I put a little one minute "highlights" section at the beginning for those of you in hurry or indifferent.

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This video features me doing some smoke bending. I found the approach is very similar to working with on open flame so I consider this a form of Pyrokinesis. Aerokinesis is too much force and the typical TK pushes and pulls will also distort the stream of smoke. I think smoke bending is all about using empathy and very subtle energy to alter the smoke's natural upwards flow.


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Pyrokinesis is the tightrope walker of the Psychokinesis circus if you ask me. This takes focus, balance and control subduing every move and emotion to perform precisely on a candle. It’s quite therapeutic and leaves me feeling very calm and collected. This is highly recommended in my book and maybe even a good place to begin your kinetic capers.