Biokinesis is the psychic ability to alter the DNA structure and body functions of oneself and/or others. This includes plants, animals and all biological organisms. A true master of Biokinesis is a powerful healer.


A biokinetic can cure even the deadliest of diseases in both himself/herself, and others.  A biokinetic can simulate the effects of material decay, but only on an organic being. You can also use it to gain other abilities like blocking pain and growing hair or muscles and so on.





“An amazing energy healing performed on Gavin Martinez at the 2013 summer retreat for students of Avatar Energy Mastery Institute. Energy, also known as chi or ki or qi can be used to heal just about anything when one understands how to use it properly."  ~Michael Monk

Amazing energy healing of Janice Bennett during our 2013 summer retreat for AEMI students. Janice was born deaf in her right ear but with energy had her hearing restored."  ~Michael Monk

This is a video of me practicing some Biokinesis on weeds and trees as well as a little tour of my woodlands. Connecting with nature is important to anyone seeking spiritual wisdom, healing or simply wishing to harvest more chi.  The bond between plants, Earth and the moon and sun is quite apparent to anyone who spends much time out in nature. When we tap into that kind of harmonious energy our spirit becomes stronger, wiser and more connected to the natural forces and cycles of life.

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This a talented Path To Mastery student from AEMI. Martin Raven is demonstrating some Biokinesis using his energetic connection with some plants. Notice how the surrounding plants are not moving? You can find more impressive demonstration like Martin’s in the student demonstration forum at   .