Step Two

Know Your Tools


Opening a can of soup without a can opener is not impossible, but it sure aint easy. Same goes for doing telekinesis. We basically just use three tools to perform all forms of Psychokinesis and that includes; Aerokinesis (air-bending) Biokinesis (plants/healing), Hydrokinesis (water), Pyrokinesis (fire) and so on. This may sound too good to be true, but I can do these things and I only have three tools in my psi-toolbox.


Again, don’t let the simplicity fool you or let any details slip through the cracks on this step. Just like there are countless sizes and styles of screwdrivers, there are many forms and applications of these tools as well. For example acquiring empathy with a person for healing or telepathy is entirely different than achieving empathy with an inanimate object. Study these tools carefully and practice using them often and I assure you telekinesis will happen naturally in due time.


This is probably the simplest way for me to introduce you to your telekinesis tools. Imagine feelings being the words spoken on your phone, and empathy is the signal or wire connecting you. Your mindset is the phone itself and energy is the electricity used to run it. You have to have a phone, signal and power to communicate. A lame phone, weak signal or low battery will make doing telekinesis nearly impossible. After you become familiar with your tools, watch the “Fun With Feathers” video below for some additional tricks of the trade.


Your Telekinesis Toolbox

(Be sure to click-out all three tools.)


Empathy  Mindset  Energy






Step Three

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*This video includes a commentary with basic training tips.

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