Performing telekinesis without the use of empathy is doable, but not recommended. Without empathy one must use extreme mental focus or exert large amounts of energy, also known as chi. Using only brainwaves or chi will drain you physically and mentally. These chi gong master we see moving large objects and the few true mentalists still out there will attest. If you are taking a non-empathetic approach to telekinesis you will likely have to carry muscle pain and headaches with you for the entire telekinesis journey.


Empathy is the ability to identify with and understand something or somebody else's feelings. It also means the transfer of somebody's own feelings and emotions to an object, plant, animal, person or element such as fire, water, air and so on. This is not to be confused with sympathy that only requires you to share a similar feeling, but not completely identify and understand it. A true practitioner of telekinesis will always connect via empathy first and then engage the mind and energy work as needed.


There are many methods of achieving true empathy and one of the easiest for me is something I call balancing and bonding. When you balance an object on your finger it makes you aware of the exact shape, weight and proportion of the object. I believe when you hold an object in your hand or near your body for a while a bonding begins taking place between you and the object on a molecular level.


Here is an example of how to get started. Let’s say we want to push or pull a piece of aluminum foil. Fold the foil so it will stand on edge. Then balance the foil on the tip of your finger. Now examine the foil very closely noting every detail like the exact weight, balance point, texture, smell, everything available via the five senses. Imagine you are a human 3-D scanner of sorts. Do this for about five minutes or more.


Now sit comfortably and place or hold the foil near your naval (bellybutton). Close your eyes and meditate on how you think it would feel to actually be that piece of aluminum foil. I know this sounds odd, but it gets easier with practice. After a few minutes of that start thinking about what you plan to do with the foil telekinetically.


With eyes closed, envision setting the foil up and telekinetically pulling it over repeatedly. Do this to the point where your imagination becomes very vivid like watching HD TV or having a lucid dream.  Be so precise and repetitive that it becomes boring and predictable to watch, but maintain your vivid mental imagery. Not only are you training your brain to perform telekinesis as you do this, I believe you are influencing the vibration of the molecules in the foil via direct contact and sincere empathy. The longer you do this, the greater the effect. “Empathy is sympathy on steroids.” ~Trebor


Remember we mainly use mental imagery and feelings to communicate with our target. We never use logical thoughts or mentally tell an object what to do. We connect via empathy and use our imagination to visualize our intentions, and then we communicate intentions by transmitting and receiving feelings. We must stay focused on how it feels to be the object. To make the object move we simply imagine how it will feel to be that same object in motion. i.e. How it feels to fall, turn, roll or whatever your goal.


Try not to over think this part or focus too hard. Thoughts, words, wishes and wants mean absolutely nothing to physical matter. Stay calm, relaxed and connected via empathy and let your feelings do all the talking. Next >>    









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