It is my belief that telekinetic energy is similar to electromagnetism and is controlled by our subconscious and unconscious mind, then profected from our body via our chakra system. The subconscious mind communicates primarily with symbols, sounds, feelings and mental imagery. Words, thoughts and other left brain activity mean little to nothing to the subconscious mind.

Fortunately feelings and imagination produced by the right brain do make sense to the subconscious mind. Therefor we should try to lower our left brain and raise our right brain activity so we can communicate on a subconscious level. Meditation is a very simple and effective brain balancing method.

Sit or lie quietly and comfortably and try to clear your mind of all thoughts and emotions. Don’t fight the thoughts that pop in your mind, just let them flow in and out and view them form a silent spectator’s point of view. This spectator is the real you experiencing the real now. Your thoughts are products of the left brain (logical mind) your self-awareness, emotions and creativity are products of the right hemisphere of your brain.  

The goal of this meditation is to simply tone down the left brain activity until it is equal with the right brain activity. Your brain may do this automatically from time to time. We call it spacing-out, day dreaming or falling into a trance.

Once the two hemispheres of your brain are functioning equally or at least close, you are in the right mindset to perform, discover or improve your Psychokinesis. There are many ways to help balance the brain such as listening to binaural tones, meditating, playing an instrument or doing other creative and artistic activities.  Another popular method is using visual aids like the one shown below.






This point of this exercise is to soften and broaden your gaze so you see these two overlapping circles as one complete object. Distribute your focus evenly over the entire image and it should begin to look like two opposing crescent moons.. Try to hold the two moons image as long as possible. Practice this exercise and others daily to help balance your brain and train your eyes for telekinesis.   

Personally I use this relaxed, evenly focused gaze as described above to perform all of my telekinesis. Just watch any of my telekinesis video demonstrations and pay close attention to my hypnotic or dazed looking eyes and facial expression and you will see what I mean.

As telekinesis becomes “second-nature” one should be able to perform without having to relax their gaze so much, but I have yet to find many true practitioners capable of doing this. In fact facial expression is my secret weapon for spotting computer generated telekinesis and charlatans.    

I believe our normal bifocal vision keeps our left brain engaged which makes telekinesis darn near impossible. Meditate often and practice spreading your focus evenly and relaxing your gaze every chance you get. These little tricks are not only the key to learning telekinesis, they can be used for many more psi related task later on once you get this mastered. Next >>


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