Step One

Understanding Reality


In order to be a skilled practitioner of telekinesis it helps to be a mentalist. Mentalism is the belief that all objects of knowledge, including you and the physical universe, ultimately have no existence except as creations of the mind. Everything we see, hear, feel, taste and smell is light and energy vibrating at a fixed frequency. This energy is being projected from within, both individually and collectively. Our energy projection is reflected back and interpreted and perceived as “real” via the mind through our five senses. That is the condensed version of reality. Please study quantum physics and join for a much greater understanding.


I believe, and science is confirming that physical reality is an illusion and we are all individual incarnations of the same God or “avatars” for short. Thus telekinesis is but one of many divine abilities that remain hidden or dormant within us all. This means I don’t have to teach telekinesis and you don’t have to learn. I will simply give you the tools and methods needed and you will intentionally or unintentionally awaken your telekinetic powers simply be practicing. This no-teach awakening method often snowballs and begins unlocking many other hidden abilities like healing, telepathy, orbing, ESP, remote viewing and so on. According to occult wisdom humans are currently using 5 of our 360 senses.


So in a nutshell step one is researching the true nature of physical reality by studying quantum mechanics. There are a ton of quantum physic related documentaries on You Tube and Net Flix like “What The Bleep” and so on. Please take the time to study some quantum physics until you have a general understanding of the concept. Otherwise your logical mind will be fighting your telekinesis endeavors every step of the way. I know this may sound pointless or trivial, but I assure you this is paramount.

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Step Two

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