Step Three

Find a Mentor


I feel I have given you a pretty solid foundation for starting your telekinetic endeavors already just by giving you the proper tools and frame of mind you need. But don’t worry friends. On my video page I have four tutorials with simple step by step instructions to show you every TK trick in the book. These tutorials should help a bunch, but if you are still having little or no success employing these methods I highly recommend you find a worthy mentor.       

There are some really good mentors out there, and for each good one there are a thousand bad ones, so choose wisely. The folks at AEMI have condensed about ten years’ worth of research into three very affordable online classes. Everything they teach they can also demonstrate. Michael Monk has demystified energy work to such a degree that just by doing the daily exercises you will ultimately acquire telekinetic abilities as a natural side effect.  

The Avatar Energy Mastery Institute is much more than a telekinesis school. You will learn all about energy, chakras, clairvoyance, out of body travel, mind and soul expansion, healing, higher-self, time travel, lucid dreaming and pretty much everything else a seeker could hope for. I also know that Ormus from really enhances psychic abilities and speeds the learning process.

So now you have all of the telekinesis tools you will likely ever need and you know right where to go to learn the easy way. What more could you ask for? How about a at AEMI. That’s right my friend. No joke. I am a student of AEMI and if you’re looking for a fast track to telekinesis, maybe you should be too! Oh, and feel free to click out my new for even more TK tips. Namaste










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