Telekinesis II


Tele meaning “distant” and kinesis meaning “movenment” is the psychic ability to influence and move objects without the use of physical contact, but  can also be used to manipulate electricity, magnetisim, time, elements, space, and energy.


Some say we have Micro and Macro Telekinesis. Micro Telekinesis is used to move small objects, influence random number generators, chances, and events. Macro Telekinesis is movement of huge objects like stones, opening doors, windows, levitation, and so on.






In this video I am working with a red magic marker and a plastic cap. A friend of mine suggested this demonstration so I did my best to oblige. I managed to muster a few pushes and pulls using energy projection from hands as well as a few no-hands moves.


This was my first telekinesis demonstration of 2014. In this video my TK targets were a plastic straw, Bic lighter and a  big chunk of petrified wood that my dad gave me when I was a kid. I hope you have as much fun watching this as I did making it.

This is a video montage featuring highlights from all of my 2013 Psychokinesis demonstrations.. Psychokinesis is a pleasant side effect of being self-aware and connected to the matrix (universe) by learning to expand the mind and soul beyond the confines of one's physical body.


This is Anthony Damiani an AEMI Path To Mastery student demonstrating telekinesis with a large stick suspended inside an airtight glass container. Anthony is a powerful practitioner and this is a fine demonstration by anyone’s standards.

Aerokinesis, Atmokinesis, Biokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis

Here we have Noi  Bray another AEMI Path To Mastery student demonstrating her telekinetic abilities using a piece of aluminum foil concealed under a glass cup. Noi has some other demonstrations on her channel and she is an active participant in the AEMI forum. Great job Noi!


Once again we have another very talented AEMI Path To Mastery student demonstrating telekinesis. Martin Raven is featured here moving a straw suspended from a string concealed inside a plastic container. Martin is a seasoned practitioner and long time member of the Avatar family. Great job Martin!



This is a fun little telekinesis demonstration I did using a toy car. Several jokesters kept asking if I could move a car so I thought this would be the perfect comeback. Just click play and let the good times roll. More demonstrations coming soon.


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